4. JOSEPH LEWIS3 FISKE (David, #8) 46,47,48,49 was born on 12 Apr 1824 at Fiskburg, Kentucky. 50 He married Martha Ann Metcalfe (see #5), daughter of Thomas Metcalfe and Margaret Alsup Hutchinson, on 26 Jan 1845 at Covington, Kentucky. 51 He died on 16 Jun 1905 at Carrollton, Missouri, at age 81. 52 He was buried in Oak Hill Cemetery and his 6 sons acted as pall bearers. 53
His mother died when he was five years old. 54 He ran a dry goods business near Covington, KY until 1854 when he followed his wife's brothers and moved to Adams Co., IL. 55 In about 1873, he moved to Rea Twp, Carroll Co., Missouri where he farmed for the next thirty years. He was listed in the 6 Jun 1880 Census at Rea Twp., Carrol Co., Missouri. 56 He and Martha Ann Metcalfe resided in 1905 at N. Folger St., Carrollton, Missouri. 57
Children of Joseph Lewis3 Fiske and Martha Ann Metcalfe (see #5) were as follows:
  •       i.   JAMES258,59,60 was born in 1845 at Fiskburg, Kentucky. 61

  •       ii.   SARAH ALICE62 was born on 8 Jan 1846. She married W. A. Berry circa 1866 at Illinois.

  •       iii.   DAVID63,64,65 was born in 1847 at Fiskburg, Kentucky. 66
          He was listed in the 1860 Census at Adams Co., Illinois. 67

  •       iv.   TILFORD LEWIS68 was born on 3 Feb 1848.
          He resided in 1912 at Butler, Missouri. 69

  •     2.  v.   ROBERT JAMESON.

  •       vi.   MARGARET ANN70 was born on 21 Jun 1851. She died in 1910.

  •       vii.   LOUISA71,72,73 was born in 1852 at Fiskburg, Kentucky. 74

  •       viii.   ARCHIBALD ELDRIGE75 was born on 21 May 1854 at Kentucky.
          He resided in 1912 at Rosalia, WA. 76

  •       ix.   THOMAS WESTERN77 was born on 2 Jan 1856 at Kentucky.

  •       x.   MOLLIE78 was born on 11 Oct 1857.

  •       xi.   DIANA FROST79 was born on 17 Sep 1859.

  •       xii.   SUSAN ELIZABETH80 was born on 15 Dec 1861 at Mendon, Illinois. 81 She married Haskell Weston White in 1881. She died in 1917.
          She resided in 1912 at Hannibal, Missouri. 82 She was a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution in 1913. 83

  •       xiii.   DAVID CALEB84 was born on 3 Aug 1863 at Adams Co., Illinois. He appears to have been named for David Fisk who was Joseph's and Martha's first son born in 1845. 85

  •       xiv.   MINNIE86 was born on 2 Jan 1865. She died in 1865.

  •       xv.   CHARLES LEROY87 was born on 28 Jan 1866 at Adams Co., Illinois. 88, 89, 90 He died on 7 Dec 1928 at Missouri at age 62. 91
          He resided in 1912 at Butler, Missouri. 92

  •       xvi.   MATTIE BELL93 was born on 25 Apr 1869. She died on 6 Sep 1869.

  •       xvii.   NETTIE MAY94 was born on 25 Sep 1870 at Adams Co., Illinois. 95 She married Frank Hurst. 96

5. MARTHA ANN3 METCALFE (Thomas, #10) 97,98,99 was born on 26 Mar 1828 at DeMossville, Kentucky. 100 She married first James W. McClanahan on 26 Jan 1843 at Covington, Kentucky. 101, 102 She married Joseph Lewis Fiske (see #4), son of Dr. David Lewis Fiske and Sarah Abercrombie, on 26 Jan 1845 at Covington, Kentucky. 103 She died on 17 May 1912 at Severy, KS, at age 84 at the home of her daughter Nettie May Hurst. 104
She and Joseph Lewis Fiske resided in 1905 at N. Folger St., Carrollton, Missouri. 105

6. DAVID3 MORGAN (William, #12) 106,107,108 was born on 15 Nov 1805 at Floyd Co., Kentucky. 109, 110, 111, 112 He married Eleanor Graham (see #7), daughter of Judge John Graham and Rebecca Witten, on 25 Dec 1825 at Floyd Co., Kentucky. 113 He died on 27 Oct 1867 at Edgar Co., Illinois, at age 61. 114 His estate was probated on 4 Jan 1868 at Edgar Co., Illinois. 115

In 1814, after his father and grandfather were murdered, Patrick Cummings and Wm. J. Mayo were appointed his guardians. 116 In 1817, the Kentucky State Legislature named William Mayo as guardian for the heirs of William Morgan. 117 He acquired the estate of his deceased father on 22 Nov 1824. 118
According to one grandson, "He owned an entire county in Kentucky and he didn't do anything but run horse reaces, drink whiskey, and fight. He could knock a bull off a bridge with his fist." 119 He became fond of racing horses and family tradition holds that while he was away at the races a daughter was born. He felt so bad about missing her birth that he swore off drink and he freed his slaves. He was listed in the 2 Aug 1850 Census at Floyd Co., Kentucky, occupation farmer, no slaves. 120 He moved in 1852 to Edgar Co., Illinois, where other members of the Morgan family had moved in the 1820's. 121, 122 When the family moved to Illinois, his eldest son, Thomas Graham Morgan, remained in Kentucky. In the Civil War, that son served in the Confederate Army while David, Jr. served in the Union Army.

Children of David3 Morgan and Eleanor Graham (see #7) were as follows:
  •       i.   REBECCA2123,124,125 was born circa 1826 at Floyd Co., Kentucky. 126, 127 She married William F. Blanchard on 24 Dec 1855 at Edgar Co., Illinois. 128

  •       ii.   THOMAS GRAHAM129,130,131 was born circa 1830 at Floyd Co., Kentucky. 132, 133
          He enlisted in Co. K, 14th Cavalry Regt., Confederate Army, Wise Co., VA, on 1 Sep 1864 (formerly May's Battalion, Kentucky and Virginia Mounted Rifles, 10th Cavalry). 134

  •       iii.   ELEANOR135,136,137 was born in 1834 at Floyd Co., Kentucky. 138 She married Ferdinand M. Kinslow on 2 May 1861 at Edgar Co., Illinois. 139

  •       iv.   DAVID140,141,142,143,144,145,146 was born on 3 Apr 1836 at Floyd Co., Kentucky. 147, 148, 149 He married Elizabeth Perkins at Lake Charles, LA. 150 He died on 16 Mar 1916 at Lake Charles, LA, at age 79. 151 He was buried in Magnolia Cemetery Westlake Section. 152
          His nickname was Uncle Dave. 153 He enlisted in the 21st Illinois Volunteer Infantry, Paris, Illinois, on 10 Jun 1861. Ulysses S. Grant was the Colonel. 154 He was discharged on 27 Feb 1865 as a sergeant. He saw action at Perryville, Chickamauga, Liberty Gap, Murfreesboro, and Fredericktown. 155

  •       v.   WILLIAM156,157,158 was born in 1838 at Floyd Co., Kentucky. 159 He married Louisa W. Johns, daughter of John Jay Johns and Catherine A. Woodruff, on 5 Jan 1865 at St. Charles, Missouri. 160
          He was also known as WILL MORGAN SR. 161

  •       vi.   DOROTHY162,163,164 was born on 18 Feb 1842 at Floyd Co., Kentucky. 165, 166 She married Adam Tustison on 19 Sep 1866 at Edgar Co., Illinois. 167
          She was also known as Dolly Morgan. 168

  •       vii.   JAMES KNOX POLK169,170,171 was born in 1844 at Floyd Co., Kentucky. 172, 173
          He was also known as James H. P. Morgan. 174

  •       viii.   ANN175,176,177 was born in 1844 at Floyd Co., Kentucky. 178, 179
          She was also known as Annie Morgan. 180

  •       ix.   RICHARD181,182,183 was born before 1845 at Kentucky. 184

  •       x.   JOHN GRAHAM185,186,187 was born in 1847 at Floyd Co., Kentucky. 188

  •       xi.   SUSAN189,190,191 was born circa 1830 at Floyd Co., Kentucky. She married Joseph Adam Gearhart on 30 Jan 1845 at Floyd Co., WA. 192
          She was living on 5 Jun 1890 at Altamont, KS. 193

  •     3.  xii.   TEMPERANCE.

  •       xiii.   MARY A194,195,196 was born circa 1826 at Floyd Co., Kentucky. 197

  •       xiv.   FRANK198,199,200 was born in 1856 at Illinois. 201

7. ELEANOR3 GRAHAM (John, #14) 202,203,204 was born in 1810 at Kentucky. 205 She married David Morgan (see #6), son of William Morgan and Susannah Spurlock, on 25 Dec 1825 at Floyd Co., Kentucky. 206 She died circa 1905. 207
Her nick name was Nelly. She was living on 4 Oct 1869 at Edgar Co., Illinois. 208

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