Sally Flood

Sally was born in 1925 in Spokane, Washington, the youngest of five children to Edmund Flood and Pebble Fisk. Ed was a banker and political operative. In 1929, he became embroiled in a financial and legal scandal and, although exonerated, the bank had failed and he was financially devastated. The moved family moved to Queen Anne Hill in Seattle in 1932 where Sally attended elementary school and Queen Anne High School. In 1941, he took over a pulp mill in Longview, Washington and the family moved there.

Sally was something of a wild child and her parents sent her to Stephens College in Missouri to finish high school. Semesters at the University of Oregon and the University of Washington were short lived. She converted to Catholicism during these years.

In 1945, Sally married Dick Wilma and they moved to Stockton, California where Dick was a farmer. As a native of the wet and green Pacific Northwest, the hot Central Valley was a shock to her. David was born in 1948. The young family followed Dick’s business opportunity back to Longview. Sally was born there in 1949 and the family moved back to Stockton where Dick sold real estate then went back into farming. Patti was born in 1951.

The family lived in Lincoln Village, a new development of small homes north of Stockton swelling with post-war families and Baby Boomers. In Stockton, Sally started taking college classes. In 1961, the family moved to Foothill Farms north of Sacramento for Dick’s job. Sally pursued a teaching degree at Sacramento State College. Her children all attended Catholic schools.

In 1966, Dick’s job moved the family moved to Seattle so, Sally came home. She completed her degree at Seattle Pacific University and started teaching English in the Seattle school system. In the 1970s, she was furloughed and taught in Eatonville for several years until she could get a job in Seattle again. In 1972, she and Dick separated and they divorced in 1975.

She married Ron Ben Jarrett, but that did not last. In the 80s and 90s she resided on Queen Anne Hill with her daughter Sally Anne and Sally's son Tim.

Sally died in 2017.

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