Family History of Edmund Everett Flood

E.E. Flood ca. 1920

1. EDMUND EVERETT1 FLOOD (Henry, #2) 1, 2 also known as E.E. Flood, was born on 11 Jul 1881 at Buxton, Maine. 3, 4 He married Pebble May Fisk, daughter of Robert Jameson Fisk and Temperance Morgan, on 28 Jun 1906 at the Fisk Ranch, Rosalia, WA, That night, Pebble prepared strawberry shortcake for her husband. They lived first in Spangle, WA, then in Spokane where Ed was a banker. 5, 6, 7

Ed moved West with his family in 1890. He helped his father and brother found the Broadview Dairy, but he had ambitions elsewhere. He eventually entered banking and business and became vice president of the Exchange Bank in Spokane. He was involved in a variety of businesses and in politics.10 In 1929 he was indicted for fraud and embezzlement over his use of insurance premiums to fund political campaigns. He was convicted and sentenced to five years in prison, but an appeal resulted in a new trial (family tradition holds that a $25,000 bribe was paid to an appeals judge). He was eventually acquitted when it was shown that key documents were forged, but he was financially devastated.
He then worked as a business consultant in Seattle. In 1941 he moved to Longview where he had purchased a paper pulp mill. Ed was an active and gregarious man and he was always the center of attention. 11 He moved in 1932 to Queen Anne Hill, Seattle. 12
He died on 12 Sep 1953 at Longview, WA, at age 72. 8 He was buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Spokane, WA. 9
Obituary: "Edmund Everett Flood, 72, president of the Pacific Paperboard Co. of Longview and former Spokane banker, died Saturday night after a long illness. Flood had headed the Longview concern since 1941. While a resident of Spokane, he was prominent in eastern Washington Republican activities and was widely known and Inland Empire business circles." (Seattle Post-Intelligencer). 13

  •   2  i.   Madeline2 Flood was born on 10 Dec 1906 at Garfield, WA. She died on 8 Oct 1908 at Spokane at age 1. She was buried in Greenwood Memorial Terrace (cemetery), Spokane, WA.

  •     3  ii.   David Jay Flood was born on 8 Nov 1909 at Spangle, WA. He married Mary Holland, daughter of Leon Daniel Holland and Eva May Owens, on 1 Jan 1931 (they eloped). He and Mary Holland were divorced in 1935. He married Leesha (--?--) between 1936 and 1940 in Alaska. He married Margaret Dickson between 1945 and 1947. He married Mona Smith after 1950. He died in Mar 1984 at Riverside, California, at age 74. He was buried in Military Cemetery, Riverside, California.
          He was educated at the University of Michigan circa 1930 where he played on the football team and received a degree in engineering. He was an Engineer between 1930 and 1970.

  • He was in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers between 1942 and 1945. He served in the Philippine Islands as a Master Sergeant and was awarded the Bronze Star for gallantry.

    4  iii.   Elizabeth Temperance Flood was born on 21 Jul 1913 at Rosalia, WA. She married Ralph Lose between 1942 and 1945. She married Dr. Peter Meachum between 1947 and 1948. She married Charles Bowers in 1949. She died on 31 Dec 1983 at Portland, OR, at age 70.
         Her nick name was Betty. The family moved to Queen Anne Hill, Seattle, in 1932. She was a retail sales manager. She and Pebble May Fisk resided in 1958 at Oswego, OR.
  •     5  iv.   Everett Edmund Flood was born on 13 Mar 1920 at Spokane, WA. He married Marjorie May Nagel, daughter of Dr. Charles Irving Nagel and Florence Morgan, in 1945. He died on 7 Oct 2016 at Bend, OR, at age 96.
          The family moved to Queen Anne Hill, Seattle, in 1932. He was a businessman in Longview and in the Los Angeles Area between 1945 and 1985. As of 1995, his address was: 382 Sanctuary Ct., Henderson, NV, 89014.

  •     6  v.   Sally Flood was born on 23 Aug 1925 at Spokane, WA. She married Francis Richard "Dick" Wilma, son of Frank Romuald Wilma and Elsie Oleaf Dorn, on 6 Dec 1945 at Oakland, California. She and Dick were divorced in 1973 at Seattle, WA. She married Ronald Benjamin Jarrett Sr. circa 1975 at Seattle, WA. She and Ron Ben were divorced circa 1980 at Seattle. She died on 25 Oct 2016 at Lynnwood, WA, at age 91.

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