467. ROBERT I31 DUKE OF NORMANDY (Richard, #477) 6089,6090 died in 1035 at Nicaea, France. 6091
On the death of his father (1026/27), Robert contested the duchy with his elder brother Richard III, legally the heir, until Richard's opportune death a few years later. A strong ruler, Robert succeeded in exacting the obedience of his vassals. On the death of Robert II the Pious, King of France (1031), a crisis arose over the succession to the French throne. The Duke gave his support to Henry I against the party favoring his younger brother. In reward for his services he demanded and received the Vexin Franšais, a territory not far north of Paris. A patron of the monastic reform movement, he died while returning from a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. 6092 He was also known as Robert the Magnificent. 6093 His nick name was The Devil. 6094
Children of Robert I31 Duke of Normandy and Arlette (--?--) (see #468) were:

468. ARLETTE31 (--?--). 6095

469. BALDWIN V31 OF FLANDERS 6096 died on 9 Jan 1067. 6097
Count of Flanders who became one of the most influential figures of 11th-century Europe. He was an active, enterprising man and greatly extended his power by wars and alliances. He obtained from the Holy Roman emperor Henry IV the territory between the Scheldt and the Dender as an imperial fief, as well as the margravate of Antwerp. So powerful had he become that on the decease of Henry I of France he was appointed regent during the minority of Philip I (1060-66). Before his death he saw his eldest daughter Matilda (d. 1083) sharing the English throne with William the Conqueror; saw his eldest son, Baldwin of Mons, in possession of Hainaut in right of his wife Richilde, heiress of Regnier V (d. 1036); and saw his second son, Robert the Frisian, regent (voogd) of the county of Holland. 6098
Children of Baldwin V31 of Flanders include:

470. DUNCAN I31 KING OF SCOTLAND 1034-1040 (Crinan, #478) 6099,6100,6101 married Sybil (see #471). 6102
Duncan became King of Scotland upon the death of Malcolm in 1034. He was a much weaker character than Malcolm and a terrible leader. He led a disastrous campaign into Northumbria and was forced to retreat ignominiously back to Scotland. His cousin MacBeth, chief of the northern Scots, also had a claim to the throne through his mother. MacBeth formed an alliance with his cousin the Earl of Orkney, and they defeated and killed Duncan near Forres in 1040.
Children of Duncan I31 King of Scotland 1034-1040 and Sybil (see #471) were as follows:

471. SYBIL31 6107 married Duncan I King of Scotland 1034-1040 (see #470), son of Crinan Mormanser of Atholl and lay abbot of Dunkeld and Bethoc. 6108

Children of Edward31 Atheling of England include:

473. WILLIAM31 THE CONQUEROR, KING OF ENGLAND 1066-1087 (Robert, #467) (see #460)

474. MATILDA31 (Baldwin, #469) (see #461)

475. MALCOLM III31 CANMORE KING OF SCOTLAND 1058-1093 (Duncan , #470) (see #462)

476. ST. MARGARET31 (Edward Atheling, #472) (see #463)

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