407. SIR HENRY18 BEAUMONT (Henry , #409) 5754,5755 was born circa 1411 at England. 5756 He married Joan Heronville (see #408), daughter of Henry Heronville and Margaret Sperner. 5757 He died before 1447. 5758
Children of Sir Henry18 Beaumont and Joan Heronville (see #408) were:

408. JOAN18 HERONVILLE (Henry, #411) 5759,5760,5761 was born circa 1402 at Wednesbury, County Stafford. 5762, 5763 She married William Leventhorpe. 5764 She married Sir Henry Beaumont (see #407), son of Henry Lord Beaumont and Elizabeth Willoughby. 5765

She resided on 3 Nov 1445 at Wednesbury Manor, County Staffordshire. 5766 On 27 October 1452, she was seized while hearing high mass by Edward Lancaster of Skipton in Craven, a gentleman, and his men, placed on horseback and taken to an unknown church where a priest performed a marriage ceremony against her protests. Her son, Henry Beaumont, and her husband Charles Nowell petitioned Parliament for redress. The matter was settled with a fine awarding Beaumont the manors of Wednesbury and Tymmore and various lots of land in Staffordshire and other lands, including one fifth of the manor of Egynton in Derbyshire. 5767

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