Allen Henry Flood ca. 1910

2. HENRY ALLEN2 FLOOD (David, #4) 14,15,16,17 was born on 3 Apr 1854 at Buxton, Maine, and raised on a farm. 18, 19, 20 He married Lizzie May Brackett (see #3), daughter of John Brackett and Martha Elizabeth Harmon, before 1878 at Buxton, Maine. 21, 22, 23

He was usually known as Allen Henry Flood. 26 In 1888 he went West from Maine to look for opportunity. He was a cable car conductor in San Francisco and then worked as a surveyor, laying out the city of Spokane, WA. A promoter named George Davis convinced him of the future of the Marshall area south of Spokane. He and his brother-in-law, Ed Hopkinson, organized a party of twenty-eight friends and relatives from Buxton to settle in Marshall in 1890 and they traveled across the country in a chartered rail car. Some in the party eventually returned to Maine, but Allen started a dairy herd with his sons. This grew into the Broadview Dairy and he prospered for many years. He retired to Pasadena, CA and then returned to Spokane. 27
He founded the Broadview Dairy, Spokane, WA, 1893. The dairy grew to a large business and by the 1930's had modern panel trucks delivering milk to homes in Spokane. The dairy was purchased by the Carnation Co. in the 1920's. 28 Just under six feet in height, Allen was an avid fisherman and he was known for a gruff demeanor. 29
He died on 6 May 1942 at Spokane, WA, at age 88. 24, 25

Children of Henry Allen2 Flood and Lizzie May Brackett (see #3) were as follows:

  •       i.   FRANK BRACKETT1 30 was born on 14 Sep 1879 at Buxton, Maine. 31 He married Leona Hanson on 9 Oct 1916 at New York, NY. 32 He died on 21 Sep 1946 at New York City, NY, at age 67. 33, 34
          Between 1929 and 1936 Frank Brackett Flood was Vice President, Carnation Co. He led the fight for Pasteurization in the dairy industry in the Inland Empire. When the Broadview Dairy was purchased by the Carnation Company, he became the head of the milk and ice cream division in Los Angeles. 35, 36

  •     1.  ii.   EDMUND EVERETT.

  •       iii.   LIZZIE BERYL 37, 38 was born a twin on 29 Sep 1883 at Buxton, Maine. 39 She married Lewis Arthur Lewis on 8 Mar 1915 at Spokane, WA. 40, 41 She died on 15 Nov 1987 at San Diego, California, at age 104. 42

  •       iv.   MILDRED PEARL 43 was born a twin on 29 Sep 1883 at Buxton, Maine. 44 She married Harry Edgar Goldsworthy, son of John Henry Goldsworthy and Eliza Booth, on 12 Sep 1915 at Spokane, WA. 45, 46 She died on 3 Mar 1978 at Spokane, WA, at age 94. 47
          She was also known as Pearl Mildred Flood. 48

  •       v.   MARIAN ABBIE 49, 50, 51 was born on 19 Sep 1887 at Buxton, Maine. 52 She married Joe Houston McCroskey on 24 Oct 1911 at Spokane, WA. 53, 54 She died on 25 Jun 1977 at Spokane, WA, at age 89. 55

Lizzie May Brackett at the time of her marriage

3. LIZZIE MAY2 BRACKETT (John, #6) 56,57,58,59,60 was born on 22 Feb 1857 at New Market, New Hampshire. 61, 62, 63 She married Henry Allen Flood (see #2), son of David Flood and Eliza Ann Kimball, before 1878 at Buxton, Maine. 64, 65, 66 She died on 9 Jan 1941 at Spokane, WA, at age 83. 67 She was buried in Greenwood Cemetery. 68

She was "a large, matronly lady of great compassion and all the grandchildren loved her. She retained a New England manner of speech that grew more pronounced as she grew older." 69

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