Will Dorn, ca. 1940

2. WILLIAM2 DORN (John, #4) 17, 18, 19, 20 was born on 1 Jan 1858 at Bronson Twp, Michigan. 21, 22
William Dorn married Susan Eugenia Peterson (see #3), daughter of James Alexander Peterson and Oleaf Saxton, on 25 Jul 1888 at Hope, ND. 23 He died on 9 Sep 1961 at Malta, Montana, at age 103. 24 He was buried in Malta Cemetery. 25
He was raised on a farm in southern Michigan and as a child he watched the Lincoln Funeral Train pass nearby. 26 He was a member of the Opera House Band, Bronson, Michigan, on 25 Nov 1882 and he was called "Picolo Bill".

27 He went west in 1887 to work as a grade finisher on the Great Northern Railway "High Line" in Montana. He recalled,

Jim Hill [president of the Great Northern] was right on the job a lot of the time. He had a 'democrat' and a lively team and would travel along the construction line, turning up every tew days. He was often accompanied by a Catholic bishop named Ireland. He was a jolly man. He had gray hair and whiskers even then. He'd come up on the dump where I was working and visit a while. I got to know him pretty well. 28

Will adopted his wife's three sons and they moved to northwest Wisconsin where he worked in lumber mills and they had four more children.29,30 In 1912, at the age of 53, Will migrated to Phillips County, Montana where he homesteaded a farm. He raised wheat there until his retirement at age 85.
Children of William2 Dorn and Susan Eugenia Peterson (see #3) were as follows:

    Dorn family, Wisconsin, ca. 1910

  •       i.   ALBERT1 31, 32 was born on 23 Dec 1881 at Michigan. 33, 34 He died on 14 Jun 1947 at Longview, WA, at age 65. 35
          His nick name was AB. 36 He was a cowboy in Montana between 1910 and 1943. 37

  •       ii.   JAMES 38, 39 was born in May 1883 at Hope, ND. 40

  •       iii.   JOHN 41, 42 was born in Aug 1886 at Hope, ND. 43 He died in 1935. 44

  •     1.  iv.   ELSIE OLEAF.

  •       v.   WILLIAM ARTHUR 45, 46 was born on 1 Nov 1891 at Bennett, WI. He married Julia Nordgarden. 47 He died on 18 Nov 1985 at Havre, Montana, at age 94. 48
          He was a farmer. He was appointed to a variety of government positions in Montana during the New Deal. 49

  •       vi.   CHARLES 50 was born on 11 Aug 1894 at Bruce, WI. He died in 1973 at Great Falls, Montana.
          His nick name was CHUD. 51 He enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1917. 52 He made a career in the U.S. Border Patrol. 53

  •       vii.   DELOS 54 was born in Oct 1896 at Douglas, WI. 55 He died in Jan 1917 at Cut Bank, Montana, at age 20 in a railroading accident. 56, 57
          Delos Dorn Wilma was named after him. 58

Susan Eugenia Peterson Dorn, 1890

3. SUSAN EUGENIA2 PETERSON (James, #6) 59,60,61,62 was born on 26 Jul 1858 at Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. 63 She married (--?--) Sawyer in 1887 at Michigan and Eugenia adopted Sawyer's three little boys. 64 She married William Dorn (see #2), son of John Dorn and Bridget Hanley, on 25 Jul 1888 at Hope, ND. 65 She died on 30 Jun 1947 at Malta, Montana, at age 88. 66,67 She was buried in Malta Cemetery. 68, 69, 70

She was usually known as Eugenia. 71 She immigrated to Port Huron, MI, in 1874 with her parents. 72 In the 1890s, she and the rest of her family fled a disastrous forest fire by jumping into a nearby lake. 73 In 1912, she and her husband moved to Montana where they farmed for the next thirty years. 74

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