146. ROBERT13 FISKE (Richard, #148) was born circa 1525 at Stadhaugh, England. He married Sibilla Gold (see #147) before 1548 at England. 1860 Robert Fiske married Joan (--?--). 1861 He died in 1600 at St. James (south of Elmham), England. 1862 His will was proved on 28 Jul 1602 at Metfield, County Suffolk, executors sons Geoffrey and Eliezar. 1863
He "fled for religion in Q Maries dayes" after 31 May 1556 at St. James, England. 1864 He resided before 1590 at Broad Gates, Laxfield, England. 1865 He made a will on 10 Apr 1590 at England. 1866
Children of Robert13 Fiske and Sibilla Gold (see #147) were as follows:
  •       i.   WILLIAM12 was born circa 1548 at Fressingfield, County Suffolk, England. 1867 He married Ann Anstye. 1868 He married Alice Tighe on 1 Sep 1607 at Ditchingham, England. 1869
          His progeny settled in New England.

  •     141.  ii.   JEFFREY.

  •       iii.   THOMAS was born circa 1572 at England. He married Margery Fiske. 1870

  •       iv.   ELEAZER was born after 1565 at England. He married Elizabeth Fiske circa 1610 at England. He died in 1615 at England.
          He made a will and mentioned nephew David Fiske. 1871

  •       v.   ELIZABETH1872 was born circa 1570 at England. She married Robert Bernard. 1873

147. SIBILLA13 GOLD 1874 was born circa 1525 at England. She married Robert Fiske (see #146), son of Richard Fiske, before 1548 at England. 1875
She was also known as Sybil Barber, 1876 Phillips, 1877 Gould, and Barbor. When Queen Mary took the throne in 1556, she began persecuting Protestants. Sibilla and her sister were arrested and charged with heresy and locked in Norfolk Castle. Her brothers were very influential and were able to secure their release. 1879, 1880

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